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GRC4615 - Native Controls in NetSuite: Part 2 Join our experts to discover the native controls available in NetSuite and learn how to deploy them in your environment. This session will help you understand workflow, end-user security, administrative access and other key features available in the latest release. 60 Minute Session Keith Goldschmidt
Matthew Phelps
Brian Taylor
GRC4608 - Change Management ITGC In this session, we will discuss how business processes and application systems are considered in-scope or SOX purposes, and how this drives why Change Management is relevant for NetSuite customers. We’ll also discuss IT risks addressed by NetSuite’s SSAE 16 SOC1 Report and where clients may need to formalize processes and controls to address potential Change Management risks. 60 Minute Session Brian Taylor
Mandy Shimshock
OA4533 - NetSuite OpenAir Reporting: Top 10 Must-Have Reports For Your Account Are you running a global or multi-department organization? Do you need an accurate view of all aspects of your business? Attend this session to learn the reports that leading OpenAir customers use to manage their services delivery businesses, gain global visibility into their organizations and assist with key decision-making. 60 Minute Session Bryce Wolf
Bryan Parry
MKS4526 - How Changing Consumer Behavior Should Inform Your Commerce Marketing Strategy Consumer behavior has changed, and consumers now expect more from retailers. You can’t view the “best practice” of traditional lifecycle messages as good enough. Your messages need to deliver what the consumer expects. This session will identify these changes in consumer behavior, and strategies for achieving commerce marketing success. 60 Minute Session Greg Zakowicz
OPS3605 - Bridging the Purchase Order Approval Gap NetSuite’s native purchase order flow is often modified to fit end users’ needs. In this session, we’ll highlight how NetSuite customer GuideSpark uses custom records, SuiteScript and Suitelets to enable easy purchase order approvals. This process includes business rules for dollar thresholds for up to 10 users and approvals that can be done by email. Users will walk away with the basic building blocks they need to implement a similar system for their organizations. 60 Minute Session
MKS4381 - Saved by the Search: Creating Saved Searches to Enhance Your Business Processes Whether you're looking to access complex information within your organization or to simply help your team be more efficient, saved searches are powerful and infinitely customizable tools that make your data work for you. In this session, we’ll share some of our favorite tips, tricks and clever hacks for creating intelligent saved searches that will transform your business processes. 60 Minute Session Joseph Murphy
Sarah Meehan
PM4153 - Resource Management: A Customer Success Story Make sure you're getting the most out of NetSuite by maximizing resource utilization. In this session, we'll cover best practices for NetSuite Resource Management. Come listen to a customer share their experiences with this functionality, including their successes, lessons learned and future plans.  60 Minute Session Mani Chawla
Kevin Brown
OPS3725 - Inventory Replenishment: Comparing NetSuite's Advanced Inventory and Demand Planning In this session, you’ll learn more about NetSuite’s two inventory planning modules: Advanced Inventory and Demand Planning. You’ll gain a better understanding of the capabilities of these modules, see live demonstrations, and hear about ideal use cases for inventory planning within both. You’ll walk away with in-depth knowledge of NetSuite's inventory management offerings, and a thorough understanding of which offering will best suit your unique business challenges. 60 Minute Session Zachary Tullis
Bryan Bishop
MKS4507 - Brick and Mortar is Back: Bringing Retail Stores Back into the Fold with SuiteCommerce InStore Despite the rise in online shopping, brick and mortar stores are not dead; instead, they’re becoming a fundamental piece of the omnichannel puzzle. In this session, we’ll discuss in-store imperatives such as speed and convenience, personalized customer interactions, increased brand loyalty, effective engagements and flexible payment options. Join us as we discuss how NetSuite’s in-store solution can meet these needs. We’ll highlight key features of SuiteCommerce InStore, including its capabilities for helping you deliver high-touch customer service, rich customer metrics, full product catalogs, and inventory visibility across your organization. We’ll show you how you can make your customers' buying journey seamless by linking online and offline interactions to deliver a better customer experience. 60 Minute Session Ryan Hatch
Matthew Rhodus
Bethany Kemp
OPS3667 - Automating Your Warehouse with NetSuite Learn how you can use NetSuite's native and partner WMS solutions to automate and streamline your warehouse operations. During this session, you’ll discover how to most efficiently manage your warehouse, control operations, print barcode labels, and generate custom KPIs that will give you the visibility you need to effectively run your business. 120 Minute Workshop Sid Geddam
Lyle Dickler
Thomas Thwaites
Wade Sexton
Kevin DeLine
ITA4177 - Small but Mighty: Tips for Supporting a Growing Company with a Small NetSuite Admin Team Your company is growing, but your NetSuite team isn't. How can you support complex business processes and rapid change? The good news is that NetSuite provides out-of-the-box tools that allow even small teams to keep up. In this session, you'll hear real-world examples of scaling on NetSuite and learn how to use custom fields, records and workflows to multiply your capacity. 60 Minute Session Catherine Adamson
Hasan Yorukoglu
OPS4247 - Maximize Operational Efficiencies in Your Manufacturing Facility with Lean Practices Learn how NetSuite’s advanced manufacturing functionality maximizes the efficiency of manufacturing operations using lean practices. You’ll see how to efficiently schedule machines and resources, establish quality controls, generate reports, and collect production data by tablet or handheld device. In addition, we’ll show you how to create custom KPIs that ensure shop-floor-to-top-floor visibility for better business decisions. 120 Minute Workshop David Gustovich
Ken Staresinic
Melanie Reese
Jim Ryan
John Dougherty
ITA3826 - Email Capture Plug-In: Ease of Use Comes With a Price NetSuite administrators and developers are occasionally asked to perform actions in NetSuite in response to an email interaction. One of the most common requests is to allow users to approve purchase orders or vendor bills by replying to an email notification. This session will examine how and when to use the NetSuite Email Capture plug-in, as well as best practices for implementation. 60 Minute Session Matt Guggemos
Joshua Meiri
FIN4540 - Rev Your Engines: NetSuite's Advanced Revenue Management Solution More companies than ever find themselves in need of sophisticated revenue management capabiltiies within their financials system in order to comply with current and future FASB/IFRS guidelines. Come learn from NetSuite experts how NetSuite Advanced Revenue Management handles simple and complicated revenue scenarios, see new enhancements in action and hear about future plans for the module.  120 Minute Session Joe Friedman
Kei Mou
Christopher Vandemore
John Peacock
DEV4297 - Cranking It Up: Web Performance Gains in NetSuite 17.1 With the release of NetSuite 17.1 comes several exciting new features that can give your website massive performance gains. In this session, we’ll look at these new features and show you how to leverage them to dramatically improve the speed of your website. We'll also look at some of the most common performance problems that we encounter when optimizing SuiteCommerce Advanced websites, and show you how to diagnose and remedy these problems for yourself. 60 Minute Session Mark Sweeting
Jeff Binder
Diego Cardozo
MKS4487 - Powering the Print: How Ryonet is Rocking B2B Ecommerce Growing a hobby into a successful business isn’t easy, but online screen printing supply company Ryonet is rocking it. Sprung out of a punk-rock band’s desire to print its own t-shirts, Ryonet is transforming the purchasing process from brick and mortar into an innovative online experience. In this session, you’ll learn how Ryonet uses SuiteCommerce Advanced to offer functionality on its website—including account management, a membership rebate program, one-click ordering, and vendor marketplace and subscription set up and management—that helps it become more efficient, increase revenue and deliver great experiences. 60 Minute Session Ryan Moor
Jason McDaniel
Sanjay Mehta
OPS4470 - On the Horizon: The Roadmap for NetSuite Order Management and Payments Join us in this product roadmap session to get the first look at a range of new features and functionality for NetSuite order management and payments. You’ll learn about new order-to-cash features, including new NetSuite Advanced Order Management functionality, and new payment gateway options available through the SuitePayments program. 60 Minute Session Allison Manetakis
DEV4538 - Go With the Flow: SuiteFlow for Developers Are you well versed in SuiteFlow but still want more out of your automations? In this session, you’ll learn how Workflow Action Scripts can be used to manipulate record sublist lines, including returning record sublist line data and performing updates of data fields in each sublist line. This session includes live demonstrations and familiarity with SuiteScript programming and Workflow Action Scripts is recommended to get the most out of this session. 60 Minute Session Brian Maynes
Willy Farrell
Daniel Matyas
SPP4502 - Transform your Discovery Sessions: Deliver Value with NetSuite Demos Pre-sales discovery efforts often focus on drilling down into the prospect’s functionality, only to present it back to them during demos. This session will show you how to use demos to sell your value, not just your functionality. You’ll learn how to incorporate value propositions for ROI—as well the impact on time, money, and resources—in a way that will hit home with prospects. We’ll discuss ways to leverage the value sell and help you better align with your sales team on messaging and goals. You’ll leave with the ability to transform your future discovery sessions and have a greater impact during your demos. 60 Minute Session Mike Crigler
SPP4468 - Identifying and Communicating Value in Sales Cycles Would you like to elevate the conversations you have with your NetSuite prospects? By focusing on supporting your prospect’s key business strategies and initiatives, you can better communicate with them and demonstrate the value your firm and NetSuite can provide—in language that resonates with them. In this session, value management experts and your peers will show you how to communicate value during prospecting, demonstrate value during sales cycles and anchor price to value during negotiations. 60 Minute Session Scott Jeffries
Aaron Rosenberg
PRT5055 - Product Roundtable: OpenAir / SRP Product Roundtable: OpenAir / SRP 90 minutes Product Roundtable
PRT5050 - Product Roundtable: OneWorld Financials Product Roundtable: OneWorld Financials 90 minutes Product Roundtable
PRT5062 - Product Roundtable: Bronto Marketing Product Roundtable: Bronto Marketing 90 minutes Product Roundtable
PRT5067 - Product Roundtable: SuiteScript Product Roundtable: SuiteScript 90 minutes Product Roundtable
KEY4937 - FinTech Keynote - Navigating What’s Next: The FinTech Revolution Today, nearly every financial activity is being reimagined in some way, from banking to lending to wealth management. Tasks and transactions that once involved human interaction and paper money have moved into the digital world, and new players are emerging to disrupt more conventional incumbents. Attend this keynote to learn how NetSuite helps companies of all types meet this new reality. You’ll hear tips from leading industry professional Andy Brown, former CTO UBS and current CEO of Sand Hill East, on keeping pace in the changing landscape, as well as from customers who have successfully adapted with the help of NetSuite’s solution. 60 Minute Industry Keynote Emily Houghton
Andy Brown
Joanna Kardas
Daniel Seikel
Eileen Tobias
Ranga Bodla
OPS4970-SPO - The Finance Performance Framework: Future-Proof Accounting with Paperless AP and e Payments How To Future-Proof Accounting with AvidXchange Invoice and Payment Automation Are you prepared for what the finance and accounting department will look like in 2020? Join AvidXchange CEO, Michael Praeger, and PayStream Advisor’s Founder, Henry Ijams, to learn how to use AvidXchange’s Finance Performance Framework to future-proof your operations for improved department and company performance. Join us to learn how combining AvidXchange AP Automation with NetSuite can help your company: Improve visibility and control over company obligations Optimize staff time and resources with paperless invoice processing Drive supplier compliance to electronic payments Sponsored by AvidXchange 60 Minute Session Henry Ijams
Michael Praeger
FIN4836-SPO - Comparing Bill Payment Automation Providers Cloud-based bill payment automation is a powerful tool for transforming time previously spent on manual effort into time spent on more valuable priorities. While not all bill payment solution providers are created equal, there are specific ways to distinguish good from bad. In this session, you’ll learn the key attributes of a successful bill payment automation program that generates revenue with card-based rebates. You’ll also receive an evaluation worksheet you can use to compare solution providers. Sponsored by Nvoicepay. 30 Minute Solution Showcase Tana Law
DSC5207 - Drive Transparency and Efficiencies with SuiteCommerce Customer Portal See how you can drive unprecedented transparency between your business and your customers with a Customer Portal solution built on NetSuite SuiteCommerce.  American Express Global Business Travel (AMEX GBT) partnered with NetSuite to provide their B2B customers with a powerful online tool to view real time invoices, payment information, interactive graphs, and a dynamic case management system. You’ll hear directly from AMEX GBT on how they are transforming their business with NetSuite. 60 Minute Session Ajay Bhardwaj
Cassandra Smith
Michael Konsta
Madeline Burnham
Chun Yung
FIN5101-SPO - Increase the Value of Your ERP Investment with HCM Innovation Learn how organizations streamline their business processes, improve data accuracy and increase business performance by implementing NetSuite ERP in combination with the UltiPro HCM suite. In this session, Ultimate Software’s Travis Burke will review activation best practices and the benefits of an integrated cloud ERP/HCM suite, as well as proven strategies for successfully managing the initiative from activation to integration and go-live. Sponsored by Ultimate Software. 15 Minute Expo Stage Neil McAdorey
Travis Burke
RAFT149 - RAFT Activity Kit Packing Want to help students develop their love of science, math and art? Take a short break from your conference schedule to pack activity kits with the Resource Area for Teachers (RAFT), an Oracle + NetSuite Nonprofit partner dedicated to inspiring, engaging and educating children through the power of hands-on learning. Sign up on the SuiteWorld mobile app for a 30-minute session, or just stop by the RAFT booth next to the SuiteWorld Registration Desk. The activity kits you pack will be donated to Bay Area organizations educating children and youth. Be a part of the NEXT solution. Help improve education for the NEXT generation of student innovators! Sign up today. 30 Minutes RAFT
FIN5098-SPO - Realtime Expense Reporting: Discover How Expensify Automates Expense and Receipt Capture Join Expensify’s Head of Strategic Partnerships, T.J. Ferriss, to learn how companies of all sizes running on NetSuite are taking advantage of Realtime Expense Reporting automation. T.J. will dive into how a variety of stakeholders can benefit from an integrated expense management tool. Some examples we’ll cover include managing applicant expenses during the hiring process, billable contractor expenses, and volunteer reimbursement for non-profits. We’ll also cover the traditional expense management needs for employee reimbursement and company card expense, including how Expensify’s NetSuite integration can automate corporate card reconciliation. The session should prove to be an eye opening experience on how Expensify can replace a myriad of disconnected, out-of-date practices like cutting physical checks and manual receipt management. As a Built for NetSuite verified partner since 2014 with over 600 mutual NetSuite customers, Expensify automates the expense reporting process from the moment employees are handed a receipt until expenses are automatically exported directly into NetSuite. 30 Minute Solution Showcase Thomas Ferriss
ITA5093-SPO - How Dell Boomi is Shaping the Lucky Brand IT For Lucky Brand Jeans, delivering a seamless customer experience has always been mission-critical, and this means delivering the right data to the right platform at the right time. But when a private equity firm acquired the company in 2015, Lucky Brand had to rebuild its ecommerce operations without putting the customer experience at risk. In this session, Kyle Pretsch, Lucky Brand’s director of integrations and omnichannel, will reveal how Lucky Brand automated the sharing of business-critical data between NetSuite and other applications with the help of Dell Boomi. Kyle will also share how the company’s focus on omnichannel and use of a cloud-based integration platform allowed it to tie together a state-of-the-art ecommerce platform, in-store POS, and inventory and warehouse management to create an experience that fully supports customers in any location. Sponsored by Dell Boomi. 60 Minute Session Kyle Pretsch
FIN4831-SPO - Eliminating Tax Compliance Risk in the Supply Chain Manufacturers and distributors don’t have it easy when it comes to transactional tax compliance. Use tax rules, exemption certificate management, and the added complication of international sales make the whole equation complicated. This session will show you how to determine who in the supply chain is responsible for paying sales, how to properly track and document exempt sales, and how to streamline the whole process by automating sales and use tax compliance. You’ll discover the many advantages you have as a NetSuite user when it comes to sales tax management. Sponsored by Avalara 30 Minute Solution Showcase Christine Martin
KEY4932 - Executive Keynote: Ready, Set, Next   90 Minutes Keynote Evan Goldberg
Craig Sullivan
Joseph Fung
Allison Manetakis
FIN4805 - Building a Strong HR Foundation Streamlining and extending your business systems into the realm of Human Resources not only makes your HR department more efficient, it also results in a significantly more productive and engaged workforce. Join this session to understand how to build a strong HR Foundation and the value of a modern HR system 60 Minute Session Joseph Fung
Umar Tanwir
Jonathan D'Sa
FIN4963-SPO - Modern Payments with NetSuite: Increase Profitability and Back-Office Efficiency Through Integration Join us as we examine how modern payments has changed the way we do business, creating a bridge that connects the world of general finance with value-added, end-to-end payments integration. During this session, we'll discuss how integrating your business’s payment experience with NetSuite can help increase profit margins, limit risk and optimize your ERP investment. You’ll learn about important changes in the financial technology (fintech) sector, as well as the new regulatory requirements that can burden your business. We'll briefly review payment gateways and the effective pricing of payment processing solutions, and we’ll take a deeper dive into the benefits of Merchant e-Solution’s award-winning Payment Reconciliation SuiteApp. You’ll also learn about solutions that make inventory management, fraud and loss prevention, and tokenization more effective. Sponsored by Merchant e-Solutions. 60 Minute Session Ben Lebedin
FIN4829-SPO - The Evolution of Incentive Compensation Planning and Sales Performance Management in the Subscription Economy The world is rapidly adopting the subscription economy. This session will explore the ways in which managing compensation for a subscription business model is different from the one-time license model. We’ll talk about the importance of the right fit of compensation metrics and models for each stage of your company’s growth, and the impact that the new accounting regulations will have on your obligations for recognizing revenue and accounting for costs—especially commissions and compensation costs. Sponsored by Obero. 30 Minute Solution Showcase Christopher Li
OA4045 - Efficient Maintenance of Your Netsuite OpenAir Deployment Change is constant. Are you updating and evolving your OpenAir deployment as your business grows? If you deployed OpenAir a year or more ago, join us to learn tips and best practices for keeping your system up to date and for targeting and tackling problem areas.  We'll also show you how to improve user adoption and data compliance by using existing OpenAir functionality. 60 Minute Session Steve Ross
Sam Van Rens
DEV4285 - SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF): Building and Deploying an App from A to Z Come get an in-depth look at what the SuiteCloud Development Framework (SDF) is all about. This is the session to learn everything you need to know about SDF development and deployment capabilities. We’ll build an application from scratch using SDF and NetSuite-recommended best practices. Whether you’re just starting to use SDF or already familiar with it, this session will bring you to the next level. You’ll learn about SDF operations and capabilities, how it helps you build with confidence, the new command line feature, and integration with third-party tools. You’ll also get a sneak peek at what's coming next! 60 Minute Session Mariano Saenz
Gerson Rodriguez
DEV4300 - How SuiteCloud Development Framework Will Save Your Life Developers and Administrators are eagerly anticipating SuiteCloud Development Framework to take their NetSuite development processes to the next level. In this session, we'll explore the single most important element that the SDF enables: promoting changes across NetSuite environments. We will also discuss how you can prepare for the move to SDF, supporting tools that will help ensure a smooth transition, and some recommended best practices from the trenches of SuiteScript development. We’ll take an in-depth look at several notable SDF features, including version control, custom record definitions and script deployments to name a few. To get the most out of this session, you need to have some development experience and familiarity with SuiteCloud platform customization concepts and API. 60 Minute Session Gerson Rodriguez
TJ Tyrrell
DEV4343 - A Roundtable with SuiteCloud Experts Join the SuiteCloud Platform Product team for a facilitated discussion. You’ll be able to ask questions about the platform, provide feedback on your challenges and share your wish list for future enhancements. 60 Minute Session Robert Lin
Archana Modi
Wei Xue
Bruce Cavers
Gerson Rodriguez
PM4379 - Sneak Peek: Project Profitability 2.0 Join the NetSuite product team for a sneak peak at the new project profitability report capabilities in NetSuite SRP. We'll look at how account-based custom filtering and grouping brings new levels of flexibility and visibility to project profitability reports. Don't miss your opportunity to take profitability reporting to the next level! 60 Minute Session Tomas Veselik
Adam Mayo
Akram Bary
GRC4616 - The Shifting Spotlight: How PCAOB Inspection Results are Changing the GRC Landscape Reactions to recent PCAOB inspections have created a strong shift in the GRC landscape.  This shift is causing companies to dig deeper to ensure compliance with regulations and external auditor requirements. Compliance with the changing standards may prove to be challenging if you don’t know what they are or how best to prepare. In this session we will discuss the recent trends, how they relate to your business (public or private), and how you can implement processes to stay one step ahead of the auditors. 60 Minute Session Ahmed Tantawy
Jeff Spivack
GRC4611 - Compliance and Controls: Ask Me Anything Whether you’re a public company moving to NetSuite, on a pre-IPO path, or simply interested in managing your account using controls-focused, repeatable and predictable processes, this session is for you. This interactive, customer-led, roundtable is a must attend session, offering a unique opportunity to learn from your peers that have already been where you're heading. 60 Minute Session Keith Goldschmidt
Caitlin Swofford
Christopher Bailey
Russell Clayton
Mandy Shimshock
Matthew Bonser
GRC4609 - Simplify Segregation of Duties in NetSuite Whether you are newly public, or pre-ipo, you are likely preparing for a yearly audit. A key part of your audit will be analyzing your company's segregation of duties (SOD) and related NetSuite access controls. Join this session to learn how to simplify this process.  60 Minute Session Caroline Coates
Andy Snook
Keith Goldschmidt
OPS3485 - Pricing, Discounts, Rebates and Promotions in NetSuite Learn to use native NetSuite functionality to help set your price levels, apply discounts, run promotions and process rebates. This session will also cover common platform modifications and partner solutions that may help you extend the solution further. 60 Minute Session Marissa Kinsley
Kendra Clark
Mike Gross
John Bek
OPS3668 - NetSuite WMS Solutions: Which One is Right for Me? Join us for an overview of NetSuite’s warehouse management system (WMS) offerings. NetSuite distribution experts and customers will describe the key differences between the many options, and help you determine which one is right for your business. 60 Minute Session Michelle Davidson
Thomas Thwaites
Kevin DeLine
PM4332 - Paper to Process: Embracing Change During this session, we’ll offer strategies for successful change management in NetSuite, including how to set expectations with your "customer base" when rolling out changes. We'll discuss ways to work with key department stakeholders to map current processes (or lack thereof) and develop new ones, and we'll explain why early cross-functional engagement helps smooth the way for company-wide improvements, and saves time and money in the long run. 60 Minute Session Peter Linhares
Kristina Hartjens
OPS4281 - Item Personalization: Tracked and Accounted For! Retailers frequently need to manage item personalization, from engraving and lettering to silk screening and embroidery. Attend this session to learn best practices for setting up and managing item personalization using NetSuite. We'll show you how to better manage your core personalization processes in NetSuite, including selling a base item, collecting instructions for personalization, transmitting these instructions to either internal or contract production staff, managing the job, and accounting for the components and labor to determine your true costs. 60 Minute Session Robert Krajci
Drew Davis
Chris Benner
PM4301 - Streamlining Transaction Approvals with the Advanced Approvals SuiteSolution Are you ready for a comprehensive transaction approval process for your organization? Join this session to learn how to use the Advanced Approvals SuiteSolution, which provides a configurable framework for defining approval rules and creating a consistent approval process for purchase requisitions, purchase orders, vendor bills, expense reports, sales orders and journal entries. 60 Minute Session Archana Modi
Rose Ann Ilagan
Ramana Nidugondi
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